Flawless Portrait Photography: 5 Must-Do’s Before Your Portrait Session

We all know the value of having a well-curated portfolio of high-quality professional portraits for your career, personal life, or business is absolute. That’s especially true if you’re an upcoming model, actor, or musician looking to get your feet wet in a new niche. They can help you land your next gig or get noticed by top agencies.

However, getting prepped for your portrait session is no easy walk in the park, particularly if you get the heebie-jeebies in front of the camera. We’ve put together five pre-shoot steps to help you get ready for flawless portrait photography. 

1. It All Starts With Finding the Right Photographer

This one is a no-brainer. The secret to gorgeous portraits that’ll work the magic for you is working with an experienced photographer. That’s someone who knows portrait photography like the back of their hands. Look beyond impressive gears with fancy bells and whistles and ensure you share the aesthetic end of things. 

For your portrait shoot, you need the best Orlando photographer whose vibe and connection mesh with your personality, vision, and style. Once you’ve picked the right pro, communication should take center stage from the get-go. Spill your outfit ideas, vision, insecurities, and take on props and posing.

2. Be Thoughtful with your Outfit

What you clad for your photo shoot can make or break your portraits. A little thought can go a long way here. Ditch those busy stripes & prints for simple, solid patterns. They photograph better anyway, especially if you’re after professional headshots

The same goes for neon colors and whites - steer clear unless your photographer asks for them. It pays to bring a handful of color options if you’re still on the fence. But more than anything put together an outfit that makes you feel like your best.

3. Hydrate and Give Your Skin Some TLC

Pamper your skin the day before and leading up to the portrait shoot. Think of your skin as a canvas. If it’s scraggly and dehydrated, it’ll show on your portraits. Velvety soft, plump, and glowing skin is a god-sent for your portraits. Green tea bags can help, but chugging 8+ glasses of the good-old H20 will do the trick.

4. Go to the Studio Camera-Ready

Unless the studio will do all the heavy lifting, arrive camera-ready. Do your makeup and touch up your hair how you’d for a special occasion like an interview or night out. For ladies, play up your eyes, define your brows, and stick to a showy lip color (rich pigments give the best portraits). For gents, you should look equally dapper, so ensure your facial hair is neatly trimmed.

5. Arrive Early

There’s nothing worse than taking your portraits all sweaty and pink-faced. Be sure to show up to the studio at least 10-15 minutes ahead of the schedule. This will give you time to chat with the photographer and take care of touch-ups or outfit changes.

What are you waiting for?

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