1. 5 headshot tips to produce amazing results

    19 Sep 2021
    Headshots were once synonymous with an 8x10” cardstock of actors and others in theatre, now it’s transcended its history and is used for everything from social media, LinkedIn, modeling, dating and more Top headshot tips to look good in your photos The truth is everyone needs a good headshot, whether…

  2. The Top 10 Locations to Get Pictures In Orlando Florida

    13 Aug 2021
    You’re all packed and your trip is coming up in a few days. But there’s one thing on the back of your mind… No vacation is complete without Instagram worthy photos of Orlando, Florida. Yikes. You weren’t prepped for your last vacation and it showed with the pictures you shared…

  3. Your photoshoot is in 5 days, and you still have no idea what to wear.

    17 Jul 2021
    You have a general idea, you’ve done a little shopping, but you’re still drawing a blank. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. These are my 5 wardrobe tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot. What to wear to a photoshoot? 1. What type of photoshoot? The type of…