Strike the Perfect Pose: Pro Tips for Posing in Professional Headshots

We can all agree that professional headshots are no longer negotiable. Whether you’re a corporate exec looking to spruce up your LinkedIn profile, an actor on the hunt for your first acting gig, or an upcoming model seeking to attract top agencies, they can help you put your best foot forward.

But let’s face it, we’re not all photogenic. Some of us tense up in front of the camera like a deer caught in the headlights. While your favorite Orlando headshot photographer will do most of the heavy lifting, it helps to know how to pose so she can capture you at your most confident and natural. Keep reading for five tried-and-true tips to help take your poses for headshots and portraits from drab to fab.

Consider your Audience and Brand

Right off the bat, it pays to think about your target audience and the purpose of your headshots. How an attorney or corporate exec poses may differ from the look a professional chef or fitness instructor is after. The same goes for the brand or impression you wish to give through your headshots.

Something more confident with square shoulders might work well for an executive, while a more approachable, open stance would suit those in creative sectors. Get inspiration from how your mentors or respected figures in your niche pose for portraits. Your commercial photographer will help curate poses that align with your business or professional image.

Strike the Perfect Posture

Great posture will shine through in your headshots and portraits. Stand up straight with your shoulders back rather than slouching forward. Such a simple tweak to your posture can instantly make you appear taller, slimmer, and more confident. Your photographer might ask you to shift your weight a bit to one side for a more flattering look, but your core should always stay engaged. 

Hook Viewers with Your Eyes

Your eyes connect with viewers, so drawing attention to them helps hook your audience. Face slightly away from the camera, and then turn your head and shoulders back towards the lens. This angles your eyes perfectly towards the viewer. For variety, swap sides and pose the opposite way, too.

Tip your chin down just a touch and relax your mouth closed (no big toothy smiles.) This combination lifts your eyes into optimal focus. Follow your photographer’s guide and have fun with different eye gazes, from soft and subtle to direct and penetrating. 

Lift Your Chin

Great professional headshots and a well-defined jawline go hand in hand. That’s why you should lift your chin ever-so-slightly to avoid creating unflattering shadows. Pressing the chin down into your neck is a big no-no if you want to showcase your perfect face. 

Review, Fine-Tune, Repeat

After your first round of headshots, take a look at the photos on screen with your photographer. They’ll point out what they liked and get feedback from you on your favorites. Make sure to take another set of shots, refining or adjusting your poses to capture the best possible portraits. The overall session should be light and fun to ensure your headshots look natural.

Book Your Professional Headshot Session Today

There you go— you’ve got the inside scoop on posing now, so what are you waiting for? Call or chat with us today for your professional headshots in Orlando. We can’t wait to capture images that’ll catapult your business or career to greatness.