The Power of Imagery: How Commercial Photography Impacts Fashion Trends

It seems bows are the it-thing right now. On the streets, you may have seen a splash of grandpa-core style featuring funky pieces like oversized cardigans, sweaters, and baggy pants. These snazzy fashion trends didn’t magic themselves up. The best of us believe that celebs set fashion styles and that trends are born solely out of fashion shows, design studios, and runways.

But most people often forget the real magic behind fashion trends: commercial photography. Fashion is a creative interplay between talented photographers, brands, and clothing trends. Let me walk you through how expert-taken photos help breathe life into fashion in magazines, on the streets, and in personal style.

It All Starts with a Talented Photographer

Commercial photography serves as the bridge between those who influence fashion and the public. If there’s a gap, you won’t see what is stylish. The cliché that seeing is believing couldn’t be truer here. Whether you’re a model, artist, or everyday Joe, the right commercial photographer in Orlando can use imagery to shape what others think of you and your style.

The best commercial photographer knows how to strike the right balance. They capture the right mood, poses, lighting, and aesthetics to introduce people to new ideas of what’s appealing, stylish, and cool. This is especially true in the world of fashion and modeling. If commercial photos are appealing enough, the styles and clothing pieces they feature will spread and create a fashion trend.

Partnering with Brands

There must be a concept long before a model slips into fashion pieces that will shape the next trend. That’s why forward-thinking brands collaborate with talented photographers. They will help craft and fine-tune these concepts and designs that will forecast trends. The photographer’s unique aesthetic and skills behind the camera will help bring a brand’s vision to life.

Unlike most forms of photography that simply document reality, commercial photos help build reality, especially when it comes to fashion. When expertly taken photos are featured on influential platforms like websites, social media, and magazines, they expose the brand behind the pieces. But, more importantly, it’s the concept of an Orlando professional photographer that fuels fashion.

Commercial Photography and the Art of Storytelling

Commercial photographers are storytellers, and all their storytelling tools are behind the camera. Sure, the model’s clothes, makeup, and whatnot need to look the part, but commercial photography is about so much more than just capturing stunning photos. Whether you’re looking to give off a carefree beach vibe with a flowing sundress and windswept head of hair. Or, maybe you’re after a power city chic style with bold cuts and crisp lines. The photographer is the one who will tell your story best through images.

Street Style will Eventually React

Street styles will eventually respond, especially when beautiful commercial photos help drive demand. Fashion bloggers, social media influencers, and street fashionistas will start aping the trends. Their images will mirror how everyday folks embrace looks and styles conceived, fine-tuned, and shot by commercial photographers. 

If you want to take your branding, fashion, or modeling portfolio to the next level, look no further than your local Orlando photographer. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch commercial photography services. Come say hi at our studio, let’s chat fashion, and who knows; we might just create some magic together.