How to Capture Your Most Precious Moments with Fine Art Photography

You’ve got a Big Day coming up. You’re poised to celebrate that one unmissable birthday, retirement, or anniversary. Or maybe it’s the day you get hitched to the love of your life, vows whispered against the backdrop of a sun-kissed beach. 

Whatever the special occasion, these moments, the vibrant splashes of your life, deserve more than just hurriedly taken photos and grainy videos. You need to make them forever memorable. That’s where the best fine art photographer in Orlando will come in especially handy.

First up - What’s Fine Art Photography?

We’ve all hired a photographer at one point. Their job is to take snaps of you and your loved ones during the special event - be it a graduation, birthday bash, or wedding. A fine art photographer in Orlando is much more than that. They help capture beyond forced grins and posed smiles.

Fine art photography is the perfect way to bottle the emotion, the feelings, and the essence of your special event. The results are photos like no other. They tell the raw story behind your moments. Let’s find out how to capture your life’s most precious moment with fine art photography.

Bring In The Pro

Most commercial and portrait photographers have what it takes. They boast a long resume with skills to match. However, when it comes to fine art photography, it’s the drive that matters. You want an Orlando fine art photographer who is truly passionate about their art.

Of course, you want a pro who knows the ins and outs of natural lighting, dramatic shadows, and artistically compelling backdrops. That’s someone who can create elegant and flattering poses. It should be a photographer who is intentional about their photography, and their artistic style marries well with your taste. Go through that portfolio.

Discuss Your Vision

Meet your photographer to share the mood and backdrops you envision. Discuss if you prefer black-and-white or color images. Do you fancy a mix of portraits and candid shots? If you’re open to creative post-shoot editing to add an artful spice, this is the time to talk. You sift through spots that complement your occasion, from lush gardens to urban cityscapes.

Share inspo photos (think Instagram, your artsy friend, and whatnot) so your photographer understands the mood you want to nail. A reputable fine art photographer will work collaboratively with you while respecting your ideas every step of the way.

Create Artful, Dramatic Effects with Lighting

There’s something of beauty about the golden hour light around sunrise or sunset. The photographer will likely use hanging flowers, greenery, or water to work in your favor. Most fine art photos go heavy on dramatic lighting and backdrops.

Ask for Candid and Creative Shots

Superb fine art photography tells a visual story. Ask your photographer to snap both artful portraits and photojournalistic candids on your special occasion. They should be able to capture poses that feel authentic in the moment. This subtle dance helps magic up beautiful photos that pay visual and emotional homage to your event.

Post-shooting, you can be part of the editing process. You can help curate photos that best capture your special moment for albums and print. Get in touch with us today to learn how our fine art photography can add magic to your most meaningful celebrations.