The Top 10 Locations to Get Pictures In Orlando Florida

You’re all packed and your trip is coming up in a few days. But there’s one thing on the back of your mind…

No vacation is complete without Instagram worthy photos of Orlando, Florida.

Yikes. You weren’t prepped for your last vacation and it showed with the pictures you shared on social media.

But that won’t happen again! So don’t stress out, we’ve compiled 10 of the best locations to lock-in those beautiful photos that you can flex on social media. 

So whether you’re vacationing, or maybe you just an Orlando local looking for a few spots for a photo shoot, we’ve got you covered! 

Let’s start with the obvious: 

#1 Disney World

Yup, you had to know it was #1. “The City Beautiful” aka Orlando, Florida yet again ranked as one of the Top 25 Places to Visit in the US, much in part due to Disney World, the family friendly amusement park that everyone loves. With an average annual attendance of over 50 million people, it’s #1 as far as the most visited resort in the world.

Other spots include the Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  

#2 Downtown Orlando

Photo by Talia via Unsplash

Downtown is a perfect spot to lock in those vintage vibes with a modern touch. Explore different areas of the city, and pro-tip, the tops of parking garages are excellent spots for portraits with the city in the background. 

And if you want more of the skyline, try this spot…

#3 Lake Eola - Orlando, FL

Photo by Mick Haupt via Unsplash

It can be chilly in the mornings, so definitely bring a jacket! And if you want a shot like as your photographer I will bring a wide angle lens, and a tripod so you can get a buttery smooth texture out of the water in order to shoot a long exposure. 

#4 Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

 Photo by Matt Popovich via Unsplash

Disney is famed for their nightly fireworks show, but you don’t actually have to be in Disney World to get a beautiful portrait in front of it. You can actually view the fireworks show from Disney’s Boardwalk Resort right outside of Disney World. 

#5 Kraft Azalea Park

Kraft Azalea Park is a beautiful park just located a little north of Orlando, Florida. It’s a popular spot for weddings, or just for hanging out. See more on the City of Winter Parks website

#6 Moss Park Road

Photo by Jamie Creixems via Unsplash

Moss Park Road is connected to Lake Nona and is one of the best places to observe Orlando’s natural nature and wildlife. 

If you’re staying in Orlando, and want to save a little money - camping at Moss Park is one of Orlando’s finest locations and it’s just a short 20 minute drive to the theme parks like Disney World. If you’re visiting, it’s just $3 to enter the park. 

#7 Aquatica Orlando

Where’s the best place to go to cool down in a hot and humid city like Orlando? Well, the water park of course! And the Aquatica Waterpark in Orlando is one of the best! 

A cool photo op would be in the lazy river, like this one below:

Photo by Harry via Unsplash

#8 Downtown Celebration

This Place is Amazing for Couples or Maternity shoots for the cozy romantic look, filled with nature and best part is that’s FREE!

#9 Cypress Grove Park

This is a free beautiful park with lots of fields, lovely oak trees, a beautiful estate house and great walking paths, makes the place a top place for taking portraits and nature photography.

#11 - Icon Park 

Alright, not everybody wants to pay to get into an amusement park. Well, last but not least is Icon Park, where you can snag a photo of this iconic ferriss wheel…

Photo by Colin Lloyd via Unsplash

Final Thoughts 

If you need photo ideas at a particular location, fire up Instagram and search the location on Instagram, it will show you the most popular photos first, followed by the most recent. It’s a great place for inspiration and to see what types of photos are trending. 

Check out this article for more popular locations in Orlando here:

If you need something extra special why not book a professional soot with a local Orlando portrait photographer familiar with the area. Whether in a studio or on location we can work on the desired look and make your photos stand out.

I hope this list of the Top 10 Locations to Get Pictures in Orlando, Florida was helpful! What’s your favorite spot?