You Need a Professional Product Photographer If You’re Launching a New Product – Here’s Why

Yay! Congratulations, your online store is finally going live!

After so much waiting, your products are finally hitting the market. For sure, you’ve got every reason to be excited. But, perhaps one area you are overlooking could cost you – the picture quality of your items on sale.

•           Did you know that 60% of online shoppers decide whether to buy a product based on the photo’s quality?

•           Up to 75% of all buyers rely on product photos to make purchasing decisions? 

Yes, more than half of all buyers will decide to order from you or not based on how your products look on camera. Over half of all buyers of goods online tend to pick an item based on how it looks more than its reviews and descriptions. What’s more, high-quality pictures of goods have an estimated 94% conversion rate compared to when they are poorly shot. 

With that, you certainly won’t take chances with the quality of photos of your products. You must hire a professional product photographer, especially if you want to make sales in your online store. Still, if you need further convincing, then here is why:

5 Simple Reasons Why You MUST Consider hiring a Professional Product Photographer 

1.      Commercial Photography will take photos that attract your shoppers’ eyes

When you hire a professional in commercial photography, one thing you can be sure of is quality for your money. Pictures that they take not only look fantastic but equally give buyers a complete view of the product. They always know how to take shots that are magnetic to shoppers’ eyes, including using lighting and backgrounds to capture interesting, compelling photos. 

2.      Your product will sell – on its own

Nobody will tell you this – that it only takes an average of 7 seconds for a shopper to decide whether to order a product online from you or not. And within seven seconds, they will have looked at the photo of your commodity and judged whether it is precisely what they need. A good product photograph will earn more sales than how compelling you describe the product. 

You aren’t taking chances with the quality of your goods, right?

3.      Good product photographs will make it relatable

If you are introducing a new product and are unsure how much reception it will receive, take relatable pictures of it. You could take a photo of someone using it or hold the item in your hands and take photos of it. Ecommerce photography always has a way of making a product more relatable, and this strategy attracts more sales, even when a product has never been reviewed. 

4.      That good portrait will showcase the value of your product

Professionals always have a way of bringing out the stunning features that will impact the purchase decisions of your buyers. Even an ordinary product will be more valuable, and often, shoppers trust their eyes. 

Good design and photography can influence whether people consider your product cheap or expensive. It may even influence how much they are willing to pay for it. Hire a professional commercial photographer, and you will be astounded by the quality of your item when captured on camera.

5.      Need to drive engagements in your online store? Try Commercial Photography

Of course, quality shots can grab the eye, and for someone interested in buying, such a shot will pique their mind. However, even for those on your Instagram to admire your items, a well-taken photograph of your goods could quickly force them to click on that link and land on your store.  

You need someone great in Portraits, Headshots, Entertainment, and Commercial Photography

For your online store, do not take the photos yourself. A professional in commercial photography will arrive with the right equipment, set them up, and spend hours collecting the perfect shots for you. What’s even more impressive is that you may not break your budget!

Overall, a professional commercial photographer can help you create beautiful and striking photos for your online store that will help you stand out from the competition. Whether you need product shots, portraits, headshots, or entertainment photography, you can contact a professional commercial photographer to capture the perfect shots for you.