5 headshot tips to produce amazing results

Headshots were once synonymous with an 8x10” cardstock of actors and others in theatre, now it’s transcended its history and is used for everything from social media, LinkedIn, modeling, dating and more.

Top headshot tips to look good in your photos

The truth is everyone needs a good headshot, whether it’s for your personal or corporate profile and it could have an impact on your future. In today’s world businesses need professional photos more than ever. 

In this post I’m revealing 5 headshot tips to produce amazing results. 

Tips to improve your professional headshot

1. Find a good photographer that specialises in headshots

As a portrait and headshot photographer in Orlando myself I think it’s important that you find someone who specializes in headshots. A good photographer that shoots headshots regularly knows the intricacies that say, an engagement or maternity photographer might not pick-up. Most portrait photographers know and understand that different sub-genres of photography have slight differences, and those that specialize tend to have a little more experience that can result in a better portrait.

2. Be yourself

Perhaps one of the best headshot photography tips and one that stands out is a common sense tip - be yourself! You want to be the best version of yourself. Don’t take a chance on a haircut, make up, or style you’ve never rocked before. There are certainly exceptions to the rules, like most of us don’t wear a suit in our everyday wardrobe but it can work well, and be appropriate for a headshot. Remember, try to be the best version of yourself.

3. Practice makes perfect

It’s a good idea to practice your poses in front of a mirror. Yes, it’s true that the photographer should be able to guide you to the perfect pose and expression, but hey - practice makes perfect (and the job of the photographer a lot easier!).

4. Think about your audience

You should really ask yourself, “Who’s your audience?” The business portrait of an art director should differ from the business portrait of a theatre professor. Is it mostly for social media, or is it for a job search, maybe your dating profile? The term headshot is subjective, and knowing your audience will help you ultimately decide on the look you want. As a portrait photographer in Orlando I work all kinds of headshots.

5. Should I wear my glasses?

This last tip is an important one, and can often be overlooked. First off, the photographer you’re hiring should be familiar with how to avoid reflections in the glasses, or at least how to remove them from post. I’ve seen a lot of headshots online of people who wear glasses, and the reflection can be distracting. So if you’re planning to wear glasses during your photo shoot, you should ask the photographer if there will be any reflections, and if so, if he/she could remove them with post processing.
Another thing to consider is the type of lenses you have, anti-reflective coating can certainly help, but if you have blue light blocking lenses you’ll see that in the reflections. Overall, if you wear glasses in your everyday life and that’s how you want to be seen, then yes, you should wear glasses.

What are your headshots tips? Let me know in the comments below.