Your photoshoot is in 5 days, and you still have no idea what to wear.

You have a general idea, you’ve done a little shopping, but you’re still drawing a blank.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. These are my 5 wardrobe tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot.

What to wear to a photoshoot?

1. What type of photoshoot? The type of wardrobe you’ll bring will largely depend on what type of photoshoot you will be doing. Is it a portrait photography shoot including beauty, fashion or headshots? Or perhaps it’s more of a commercial photography project?

Find inspiration from famous photographers, one of my favourites is Lara Jade, a NY beauty and fashion photographer. Is it for headshots? Then follow these headshot tips. Pinterest is another great source to draw inspiration for your portrait photoshoot.  

  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly) - For most types of portraiture, you’ll want to keep it simple. You want to shoot for timeless. So no crazy patterns, or even logos for that matter. You want the photo to be about you, anything else could potentially be a distraction. 

  • Colors - Yes black is slimming, but it’s safe. Personally, I’d think about the environment you’ll be shooting in and think of colors that will work well. Shooting on the beach? Maybe light colors like a white or a taupe would work really well. In a lush forest? Perhaps a color that can juxtapose so that you can stand out a little bit, maybe an ultramarine blue or even a deeper red can make for a good contrast. Is it Spring? Perhaps think of light pastel colors, or if it’s Fall or Winter you can think of darker jewel tones like a chocolate, sapphire blue, ruby red or amethyst purple.

  • Style - You want something flattering, something you look great in. So skip the large oversized sweaters, yes they are comfortable, but it won’t do you any justice in a portrait photoshoot. For women, a lower neckline shirt or knit can often accentuate your décolleté area. For men, a suit is really powerful. But if that’s a little too fancy, perhaps a sportcoat with a shirt without a collar can be just as strong.

  • Fit - My last tip, and perhaps most important - make sure it fits well. When you’re shopping in a store, there’s a reason they use safety pins on mannequins, then want it to look tapered to the body. Many things off-the-rack are built for your average Joe or Jane. For a lot of people with a non-average build, you might consider some alterations to get your outfit tailored for you.                

  • Hope this guide helps! If you have any other tips, or any questions, feel free to leave a message!